ERP for Government

GRP is an ‘integrated office automation system for Government and other government bodies, built with an objective to run paperless office in all its administrative transactions. This offering is focused on helping both state and central government organizations and other bodies, to transfer to an end-to-end digitized enterprise which will tremendously improve service delivery, increase efficiency and reduce operating costs.

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Longtail Apps Consolidation

OrangeScape provides a cloud based application platform for running all your business process oriented IT Apps along side the same cloud infrastructure that runs your email messaging and office productivity Apps. Google Apps customers can run OrangeScape platform on top Google App Engine and Microsoft BPOS customers can choose Azure to run OrangeScape platform.

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Use Cases

OrangeScape Platform has been used in variety of ways and across multiple industries and domains. You can build simple workflow Applications like travel claims process or build an elaborate and complex system like ERP or HRMS. We have seen enterprises use OrangeScape for some simple and innovative concepts like communication to top management or collaborative expense tracking. We have also seen teams develop some creative applications like stock market gaming that leverages OrangeScape beyond typical Business Applications.

Here’s a list of some use cases for OrangeScape platform:

  • Dynamic Workflow Management
  • Time Sheet Management
  • Payroll Processing
  • Item Request Management
  • Travel Request Processing
  • Audit Actions Planning/Tracking
  • Purchase Requisition Management
  • Insurance Policies Tracking
  • Employee Communication
  • Hospitality Booking Management
  • Materials Management
  • Loans and Advances Management
  • Reimbursement Claims Processing system
  • Customer Care
  • Logistics Costing
  • HRMS Processes
  • Outbound Call Management
  • Accounts Payable Process
  • Credit Card Application Processing
  • Loan Origination System
  • US health Insurance enrollment Applications
  • Production Floor Management System
  • Services Provisioning Application
  • Law Firm Management System
  • Branch Opening
  • Leave Management System
  • Employee Self Services
  • IT Asset Tracking System
  • Resource Management
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey Worlkflow

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